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All human greatness begins with a thought, which forms into a dream, a dream into a vision, and a vision into creation. Irina V. has been perfecting her vision for the art of hair design since the age of 5 and has earned the greatest respect amongst her clients and peers as truly a Modern Master of the Art.

After years of hard work in salons and hair shows, in 1997 opportunity brought Irina to the great company and her home of Denise and Company Salon, where under the guidance of Eleanor and Mikhail Napolitano she attended numerous seminars, classes, hair shows, and experienced a bouquet of new inspirations and ideas.

During a Jacob Javits Center hair show Napolitano introduced Irina to the owner of The Great Lengths Hair Extensions Company, David Gold. Irina quickly became passionate about his ideas and products and dedicated herself to learn some of the best natural hair extension techniques in the industry, with love and dedication.

Irina is humbled and eternally grateful to the Napolitano family for all their kind guidance, which helped bring Irina to the ranks of a true Master; And still today, with unwavering skill and passion, Irina continues to create the visions of true glamour through 100% natural human hair extensions.

True Beauty lacks words to describe, so let Irina’s work speak for itself, and let glamorous sensations flourish through you!

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